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Compensation & Benefits

ACA state exchanges get thumbs up from Consumer Reports

Back in November, Consumer Reports magazine urged its readers to hold off on buying health insurance through websites operated by the state-based exchanges authorized by the Affordable Care Act. Now it holds a different view.
Employee Relations

For U.S. employees, a long winter of discontent?

Maybe the unending chill this past winter is to blame. Almost 20% of Americans recently polled by Rasmussen Reports say they’re unhappy at work, and more than 60% say they have considered quitting.
Employment Law

CBO: Minimum wage hike would add $15 billion to U.S. payrolls

Democratic efforts to raise the national minimum wage to $10.10 per hour would cost private-sector employers an additional $15 billion per year, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Hiring: How Facebook first impressions can mislead

Screening out job candidates who look tipsy on Facebook may seem like an obvious way to avoid hiring irresponsible workers. But there are pitfalls to this approach.
HR Management

Honda issues social media guidelines for its employees

Some companies encourage employees to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks to spread the word about their work. So Honda Motor Co., among others, has issued social media guidelines for employees, with a caution.

Spontaneous wage protest: Can we fire the agitator who stirred up his co-workers?

Q. We are a nonunion company with a call center employee who has been stirring things up. Recently, he and a large group of first-shift employees stayed in the parking lot instead of coming back from lunch on time. A few of them held up signs saying, “Fair Wages Now!” We’d like to fire the bad apple. Are we taking any big risks if we do?
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