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Compensation & Benefits

Two IRS rulings shed light on health FSAs and HSAs

Health flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts, which complement employees’ major medical coverage, are key elements of many cafeteria plans. In two legal memoranda, the IRS details how corrections to FSA reimbursements should be made and how the new FSA rollover rule impacts employees’ eligibility for HSAs.
Employee Relations

Personal tech rules when it comes to wasting time

American employees are ingenious wasters of time. A new poll has identified the worst workplace time-sucks.

10 hardest jobs to fill in 2014

According to the Manpower Group’s ninth annual Talent Shortage Survey, these are the 10 jobs U.S. employers currently have the hardest time filling.
Employment Law

Is 'We're short staffed' a legal reason to deny medical leave?

Employers must be fully staffed to function efficiently. But what if you’re already short staffed and an employee requests leave for a last-minute medical appointment? Just how much scheduling chaos must you tolerate before saying “no”?

When terminating for insubordination, thwart lawsuit by lining up witnesses

Always document (in great detail) the incident that prompted a firing. Also, gather as many eye­­witness accounts as possible. More witnesses equal a better foundation for your case.
HR Management

Can we ban employee appointments during work?

Q. I have an employee who is constantly scheduling appointments during work hours and having to leave. In the past two weeks alone, she missed 27 hours due to appointments. If we cannot restrict appointments outside of work, can I require documentation of appointments?
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